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MV(inches): 2
Flowrate(gpm): 136.24
Flowrate(m3/h): 30.50
Height(cm): 129.60
Width(inches): 35
Sand(50kgs/bag): 9
Zelbrite(15kgs/bag): 22
EcoClear(25kgs/bag): Coare: 4, Fine: 10

Emaux innovative design and advance technology offers superior
filtration performance and crystal clear water. Max Series filters are blown at one‐piece with high density polyethylene for its heavy duty performance and reliability.

• Innovative design and advance technology
• One‐piece with high density polyethylene filter tank
• Heavy duty performance & reliability
• Multi‐port valve unique one‐piece clamp with screw‐type lock allow tool‐free service
• Max operating pressure 40 psi / 2.8 bar
• Max temperature 50 C (122 F)
• Universal standard of union connection provided
• ABS lateral provided

Product Testing
 30,000 times cycle testing for filter tank
 50,000 times testing for multi‐port valve
 under 60°C water temperature, 2.5 bar pressure

1. Unique one‐piece clamp with screw‐type lock design
to simplify installation and allow tool‐free servicing
2. Equipped with multiport valve with 6‐way functions
3. Easy‐to‐read pressure gauge for easy inspection


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